Desert Calibrations
Welcome to...
...providing video and audio setup and calibration services for high definition home theater displays and digital multi-channel surround sound systems.
Located in Palm Springs, we serve the Coachella Valley and surrounding communities, and are partnered with leading Audio/Video & Custom Installation home theater dealers in the area.
Using state-of-the-art calibrated test equipment, Desert
Calibrations provides in-home and in-studio analysis and
adjustment/alignment of high definition home theater
displays, such as plasma and LCD flat panel TVs
and HD front projection systems, as well
as broadcast/studio HDTV monitors.
Our goal is nothing less than to assure top-notch picture
and sound quality, achieved through a rigorous
examination of your system’s video and audio equipment,
and subsequent adjustment and tuning to ensure that you’re
looking at and listening to the very best home theater experience.